Remembering the Alamo

The Alamo church

Photo by author 2018

Remembering the Alamo 

My interest, no my deep passion, for the Alamo began on the evening of February 23, 1955, that’s when Walt Disney presented on his ABC television show Disneyland, Davy Crockett at the Alamo. From then on I searched for any, and all, information I could find on the Alamo and also Texas history. Everything from books, magazines, and articles on this historic event I collected. Throughout the years my collection has become quite a library on the subject.

Sadly, history is so often presented with only dry dates and events; it’s no wonder that so many say they don’t like history. But history is so much more, so much deeper, and so colorful. In these posts below I used my years of research, and the knowledge I gained, to offer what I hope is a more intimate and personal view of one of America’s most famous battles and historical sites.

I don’t write about the battle itself, but rather those subjects often not presented in history classes. What I cover in these posts is the story of the physical Alamo mission/fort, the locations of the sites in modern San Antonio where the battle was fought, how the Alamo fits into other historical events, what happened to those that fell in the battle, and what’s the physical Alamo’s future.

With each of the linked posts below I’ve tried to present many different stories on the Alamo, and from many different historical angles. I hope you enjoy my writings, and “Remember the Alamo.”

Ron Current

The series below is a narrative on the history of the Alamo compound, from its mission founding up to its current rediscovery. This series hasn’t been finished as yet, so please come back, and see what I’ve added.  

The History of the Alamo Compound: From Mission to Rediscovery

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