About the Author

Ron Current

Ron Current

Ron Current has had an interest in history, travel and photography from an early age. Inspired by the last installment of Walt Disney’s Davy Crockett TV series, Davy Crockett at the Alamo, Current began reading everything and anything on the Battle of the Alamo. This interest then expanded into all of Texas History. As he read more and more on Texas he saw how other events in Untied States history were also interconnected with Texas history. In school Current was unhappy as how history was being taught. To him it was too much on individual events and dates, rather than how these events interacted with other events that happened in other parts of the world. To him there is always a cause and effect throughout the history of the world.
After retiring in 2013, Current began to live his dream of traveling the world, seeing all those historical places that he had read about. But he took it one step further by combining his love for photography, history and travel, and presenting them in his Blog. Current now takes all those that follow his postings on an exciting journey thru the world and its history.
Current has been married to Karen, his travel partner, since 1969, they have one daughter, Melissa Gerety, who is following her father in presenting history as the Directory of the Bangor Maine Historical Society and Museum.

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