The Roman Fora

When most people think of the Roman Forum, they think that it’s just one place. However, what I found when visiting Rome, there are in fact many forums of ancient Rome. Some are large open areas, with its ruined temples and buildings; while others, are hidden and almost lost to history.

Come with me now, as I take you on a tour in the very footsteps of the Caesars to Rome’s magnificent Fora.  

Beware the Ides of March

Searching for

Julius Caesar

Perhaps one of the most famous Roman citizens was Julius Caesar. He was a renowned general and Dictator; and in his short life he would begin the remaking of ancient Rome. But what we know most about him is his assassination on the Ides of March.

But where did his murder take place? And where did Marc Anthony give his famous speech, and what happened to Caesar’s body. I cover those questions in these two posts.

The Site of Caesar’s Assassination
Searching for Caesar’s Grave, Part 1: The Funeral of Julius Caesar
Searching for Caesar’s Gave, Part 2: The Temple of Caesar
The Roman Forum

The Roman Forum

It was the very center of the Roman Empire. It was here that Romans worshiped, conducted business, and cheered the Caesars.

In these two posts take you on a walking tour of Rome’s Forum.

Part I: The Center of An Empire.
Part II: A Walking Exploration.
The Imperial Forum of Vespasian, as it may have looked

The Imperial Fora of Rome

The first of these was built by Julius Caesar’s heir, Augustus, and then followed by three other emperors. These are known as Rome’s Imperial Fora. Today, you’d be hard pressed to find them.

In these three posts I give their histories, and also, where to look for them.

Part I: The Forums of Julius and Augustus.
Part II: The Forums of Nerva and Vespasian.
Part III: The Forum of Trajan