Atlantis; maybe not so lost?

Nothing has inspired more myths, theories and speculations than the Lost Island of Atlantis. Frist mentioned by the Greek philosopher Plato in his minor works, Timaeus and Critias, it tells the story of the ancient Athenians at war with a mighty sea power, he calls Atlanteans. In his tale Plato tells how the home Island of this sea going civilization, Atlantis, meets a violent end in a massive natural disaster.

Although most agree that Plato’s Atlantis is fictional, used to highlight his idea of a state, historians also know that many myths and legends have some bases in fact. So what could have been the facts that Plato used in creating his Atlantis?

With these following posts I give my own thoughts on what could have been the seed for the Atlantis legend. I’ll also present my ideas on what sea going civilization the Atlanteans could have been, and where, closer to Plato’s home, that fulfills the location of the island, far from where many have looked.

So join me now as we track the not so lost Atlantis.

Atlantis; maybe not so lost?

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