Traveling Through American History

When I was in school I really didn’t like history that much, at least the way it was being taught; there was just too many dates to remember. I really wanted to know what the real story was behind all those events; and how did they affect our nation overall. In addition, when I visited those historical places I wanted to know what I was seeing; you know, what happened on this spot?  

As I traveled around the country, visiting the many sites of our history, I tried to find the backstories on what happened there. I loved finding those little, and in some cases, unknown facts and tales that added depth to what I was seeing, and also about the event itself. I soon realized that, yes, I really do love history!

With these posts, I’ve tried to express the wonder and amazement that I discovered while exploring our nation’s past. I hope that my work has been successful in doing that for you also.

Ron Current

The American Revolution & The War of 1812

The two wars that created the United States of America. Our Revolution and the War of 1812, sometimes called the America’s second revolution.

Boston’s Freedom Trail

The War of 1812

The Alamo

The story of the Alamo was my first inspiration, and passion, to explore our history. These posts are just the beginnings on my continued narrative on this subject  


Those three days of the Battle of Gettysburg, would be the high-water mark for the Confederacy. This battle, along with the surrendering of Vicksburg, was the turning point for the Union.  

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